Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Best Ex's Wedding

Dear Peregrin,

I am in my navy blue Honda accord (a car I don't own in waking life) and I am pulling into a Ralph's supermarket parking lot. It's nighttime, and I am picking up my 12-year old daughter, Abby from her weekend visit with her dad. Its raining, and as I pass by my daughter and her father in his car, I wave at my ex and he waves back, so I felt that even though we were divorced, we still were really good friends. Then, Abby, gets into my car, and tells me that her father is getting remarried and that I am invited to his wedding and that she is going to be a bridesmaid.

So, I end up going to this wedding. I am wearing a ivory pantsuit and a large hat, and I am with my date, Rupert Everett (he's the gay buddy in 'My best friend's wedding'). I am watching my daughter walk up the aisle, and then, Rupert turns to me and whispers, "This marriage won't last long." and I say, "Why?" and Rupert replies, "Because, the groom has had his eye on you since you walked in."


Just a small FYI ~ My daughter doesn't have any contact with her biological father whatsoever.


Good morning, Tina.

If I were to have a dream like this, I might wonder whether I still had feelings for my ex, but let's delve a little deeper and see what comes up.

You don't own an Accord, so that particular model shows up for a reason. My guess is because of its name, because to be "in accord" is to be in agreement - of one mind. It's your daughter who is "in accord" with you, so this touches upon an issue that the two of you agree upon, or have in common. Since she gets in from her father's car, it's an issue that you don't seem to agree upon at first - then she comes around to your point of view.

The character who informs you of the groom's attention upon you is a gay friend - someone who could be expected to understand a man's emotions but not someone who has any romantic intentions toward you himself. In the movie, this character was very perceptive about his friend's emotional state - it sounds like his message can be trusted.

The wedding itself can be a little tricky, because it doesn't necessarily mean what it looks like. It could represent any binding relationship - even the one you have with your daughter. It's one that you don't feel you're a part of, but the message in the dream is that this situation won't last - you will be a part of this relationship.

In fact, your relationship with your daughter seems more like the central message of this dream. Like most children, she most likely "has a lot of her father in her," and you may feel as if the two of you have been growing apart lately. The message, then, would seem to be that the two of you are, in fact, in agreement and you will be close as you were before this rift.

Pleasant dreams,


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