Monday, March 28, 2011

Buggy Living Room

Hi, I had a dream last night that we are in our current home and the living room roof is full of spider webs and there are tons of dead and alive bugs/creatures in this room. It looked like an old deserted castle or something. On other days also I am having dreams where the places I am in are totally destroyed or dirty....Believe me I keep my house pretty clean :))... Does this mean anything???



Good morning, Gurvinder.

The dreams obviously don't refer to your physical living space, since you are a meticulous housekeeper. I would think that, instead, they refer to some other place that you "live" - some other aspect of your life has been long neglected and in need of a bit of housekeeping. Some possible examples:

  • intellectual - are you ignoring your mental development?

  • social - are you ignoring your friends?

  • spiritual - feeling guilty over not attending services?

  • physical - been to the gym lately?

  • legal - parking tickets all paid?

  • Whatever aspect of your life that your dreams actually reference, it will be something that you honestly want to clean up and feel badly about leaving it in such a state of disarry for so long. This behavior is not like you.

    Pleasant dreams,


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