Monday, March 21, 2011

The Road Not Taken


My mother recently had a dream ... and I chose to send it to you for interpretation, She dreamt of a man that had asked her hand in marriage over 40 years ago...I asked her if she ever thinks about him... She said absolutely I'm wondering what this could mean...I would appreciate your interpretation...


Good morning, Laura.

It's normally against my policy to translate second-hand dreams. This is partly because the process requires a recognition of the truth that only the dreamer can provide - I tend to toss out more than one possible meaning and let the dreamer decide which sounds the most reasonable.

It's also partly because I've answered questions from people whose significant other had a dream which they are sure means that they don't love them anymore, or that they're being cheated on or get the picture.

I'm going to break that policy this time, but please understand that, even if I'm right, your mother may deny it completely, so please don't use this to foster or feed any family dispute.

Okay. To dream of a suitor long ago rejected means a reflection of one's choices made in the past. There may be regret over some past decision - or maybe merely an idle wondering over the road not taken. The dream could be spurred by a similar decision arising in the present. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing what the decision might be -- that is for your mother to decide.

Pleasant dreams,


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