Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I am married to my now current boyfriend and we live in a two story white house overlooking the ocean. I am very pregnant in this dream, and we are having friends over for a b-b-q. We are standing there talking, and from around the corner, comes a little girl (who I am assuming is my daughter Abby) and her friend, and they are chasing our family dog.

Can you figure out this dream w/o a plot? Normally, my dreams have some sort of plot. This one, is almost like a moment in time.


Good morning, Tina.

What comes to mind as I read your dream is a picture, or perhaps a piece of home movie. As such, it seems to me that your subconscious is showing you a picture of one possible future - an idyllic, standard "American Dream" kind of future.

The question at hand is, is this a future that you want? We are often shown our own desires in dreams, but just as often we see a possible future so that we can examine it closely and decide whether to accept or reject it.

How did this dream make you feel, when you awoke? Happy, or apprehensive? Fulfilled, or trapped? Your answer determines what you want, and from there your course of action.

Pleasant dreams,


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