Friday, March 11, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I have few dreams that are practical or "everyday," and this one isn't either.

It starts out that I am flying in an alien space fighter jet, over a grid system which seems to have yellow wiring and you can see impulses travel along them then all of a sudden, the setting changes and I'm on rooftops and there are giants all around. I start fighting the giants....I have a crystal which I break chunks of of it and throw it at the hits them and blows up and kills them.....then I pushed one off the side of the building (it seemed like he was peeing off the side when I pushed him), and I keep fighting others.

There is one giant that I cant kill w/ the crystal chunks so I run up and stab him w/ the crystal spike, and he dies.

Then myself, a red archer, and another man all arrive together and put our hands in the air and touch hands (I imagine signifying an alliance) then the setting changes and I'm at a church altar, but I turn and run down the aisle and out the door. There I find the red archer on a white horse and I try to knock him off, but I can't so he shoots me in the back with an arrow.

Then I'm being chased by someone(most likely the archer) and I end up being stopped at my grandma's house by some bushes.

I turn to face my attacker and he pulls out a spoon and starts sharpening the spoon....I won't let him kill me w/ a spoon so I walk up to him, turn around, and he breaks my neck....and as he does this, I can see an image of a skeleton doing what mine would have in sort of an x-ray vision scene.

Then it ends.


Good morning, Aaron.

The images here seem to be heavily influenced by videogame graphics. You being a teenage male, this isn't at all unusual. When we are very young, all adults are giants. This archetype persists, even when we grow large enough that it's no longer literally true. So, you are at odds with adults and see yourself battling with them -- and, for the most part, winning your battles.
Your weapon of choice, a crystal, would seem to indicate that you feel mentally or spiritually superior to the adults in your life, and these are the battles you choose.

You are betrayed by the archer, someone with whom you had an alliance. I would guess that this character represents someone that you feel is "on your side" in waking life. Perhaps another teenager, but not necessarily so. This person turns out not to be the staunch friend you previously thought.

The spoon image has me stumped, but it's obviously significant because you refuse to be killed by this "weapon." You would rather face defeat on your own terms - a clean break.

Pleasant dreams,


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