Friday, March 25, 2011

Nursing Test

Hi there,

My name is Moya from Corl Ireland and I am a a nurse. Graduating my refresher course and taking the boards in the summer. My dream was a teacher was giving me back a test her name is Brenda. It seemed like a good feeling i remember laughing and being in good spirits. We took a mock nclex on the 17th april. What could this mean?


Good morning, Moya.

Your dream seems to point toward a high level of confidence in your own knowledge and abilities. It could be specifically speaking of your professional abilities, or of another area where you feel as if you are being tested. Certainly tests are on your mind right now, but there is no anxiety over them.

I find it significant that you got a specific name from your dream teacher, but I don't know what the name Brenda might mean to you. If you could spend a bit of time thinking of this name, you might get a hint about the area of your life this dream applies to. Try to recall any "Brenda" that you have known, and what they remind you of - when in your life did you know them and under what conditions? Then you may see parallel conditions in your life right now.

Pleasant dreams,


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