Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Losing Teeth and Back in School

Dear Ms. Walker,

Right now, I am trying to obtain a full time job as a teacher.

Many times I have dreasm that revolve around 2 themes - either all my teeth slowly fall out or this type of dream.

I am at school. It is usually grade school or high school. I am supposed to go to my last class but I can't remember which one it is or the room to go to. I try to go to my locker, but I can't remember which one is my locker. If I do find my locker, I can't remember the combination of the lock.

What do these re-occuring themes mean?



Good morning, Ruth.

By itself, the recurring theme of teeth falling out is hard to translate, because there are so many possible meanings. However, couple with the other recurring theme and the information about your current endeavors, it makes a bit more sense. Being back in school and not being able to find anything is indicative of a change in your life, and being uncertain about the outcome of this change. The first day in a new school is like that, emotionally - and so is the first day in a new job, or a new social group, etc. So the emotions dredge up the familiar images.

In this context, I think that the teeth falling out indicate a need to "grow up" all over again - relearn some lessons from earlier in life, or refocus upon a goal that you once held. Just as the baby teeth must come out before adult teeth can grow. Again, the theme is leaving behind what is familiar and facing the unfamiliar.

All of which ties in with your current ambitions. By pursuing a teaching career, you face changing your life, and since this will involve "going back to school," you get images which take you back to insecurities felt as a child.

One way to purge insecurities is to remind yourself, often, of your qualifications, particularly around bedtime. It might sound a bit like the "Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley," but if you take it seriously it does work.

By the way, it's "Mr." - but I prefer the informal first name.

Pleasant dreams,


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