Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Raw Chicken

Dear Peregrin,

This guy I work with told me he had a dream about me. My first reaction was "duh...what a stupid line", but when he started telling me about the dream, I decided I wanted to know if it meant anything.

He said that he's driving the car, and that I am in the passengers seat, and that the car is full of raw chicken. He said that we are driving through a very small tunnel, and one of his friends is there too. He said that he looks in my eyes and they're full of lucky charms - like symbols. I have colored contacts, and he said that he saw that really vividly in the dream and that's why he remembered it.

Does this mean anything at all?


Good morning, Aaria.

Well, to start with, I believe that first impressions are correct more often than not. Even if this was an actual dream, your coworker, in telling you about it, is hoping to develop a relationship that will lead somewhere specific. I can point out some things that may or may not be clues as to where that is, but it is up to you to decide whether they apply.

  • He is driving; you are the passenger -- he wants to be the one "in control."

  • One of his friends present -- maybe he sees you as a friend as well; maybe he wants to gain status with his friends.

  • Driving through a tunnel -- can we get any closer to a sexual reference than this?

  • Eyes full of lucky charms -- I'm sorry, but I can't help but think that this is a euphemism for "getting lucky."

  • The raw chicken -- this could be another reference to sex (flesh); one slang term for "penis" is "chicken."

  • I guess the main point that I have to make is, even if the dream is real, it doesn't change anything; it was still a pretty lame line

    Pleasant dreams,


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