Friday, April 8, 2011

Tidal Waves

I'm in a glass building - running up the steps from a tidal wave - water's chasing from behind I get to the top floor of the building - and it topples over - the glass breaks and I'm in the water - I swim to the top - and it turns into a swimming pool - a couple of other survivors are with me - we're afraid of another tidal wave - so we go to a house - I have to go to the roof because the elderly woman who owns the house is allergic with my dog (who's with me) turns quickly to night - another wave never hit - kept thinking it was in California The part where the tower falls, the glass breaking - and me coming up replays over and over again I'm also a male in my dream - I'm female.


Good morning, Accuy.

The glass tower toppling strikes a chord within me. It sounds like a career within a company: racing to the top to avoid drowning (in debt or a dead-end job), only to see the entire thing fall apart. Instead of a glass ceiling, the intire structure is glass, indicating restriction on all sides, not just the top.

You're male in the dream; many people believe that a woman must act like a man to succeed in business.

When you do fall, the water is not as dangerous as you had thought, but now you take refuge in a someone else's home - again out of fear of the tidal wave, but this time it never comes.

Also, you are not truly safe, for you must stay on the roof because someone disagrees with a part of your personality with which you will not part (the dog). It is possible that you have been letting fear control your decisions.

Pleasant dreams,


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