Monday, April 4, 2011

Married in the Morning

Dear Peregrin,

I wake up somehow knowing I am going to get married today. I get dressed into a red strapless top and a blue knee length skirt. I begin to walk down my street when I realise I'll be late for school so I start to run till I reach a familiar bridge. Panic overwhelms me when I remember I am not in uniform so I change into my old school uniform from the year before. I begin to run again till I reach the bus and train station, I get to the information isle to be at the end of a very long line. I wait in this line for what seems like forever getting more and more frustrated till I finally reach the information guy where he greets me with the usual "hello and how may I help you madam" I tell him my location (which is my school) and he begins to reel off all the different times the buses leave. I listen with frustration because the times are either too early or too late. Then I really woke up! Through the day I was stressed about school and work.


Good morning, Sade.

The themes that I see are conflicting goals, difficulty choosing, and lack of help from others who think that they are being helpful. Do you have trouble meeting both your school and work obligations? Is there a commitment that you want (or need) to make, but can't because of other commitments?

I'd suggest taking some time to seriously consider your priorities. It's hard to give 100% all the time, but perhaps you can decide how much of yourself to give to each activity.
Pleasant dreams,


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