Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Woods

Dear Peregrin,

In the dream I was in a woodland. It was very quiet. I was with a female. I was walking through the woods with her. Above the ground was a suspended bridge which we hurredly walked across. The part of the dream which intrigues me the most was when I was walking through the woods and stopped and looked over the edge of a sort of cliff. The cliff had a row of trees near the edge, and when I looked down I had a great sense of depth, it felt as though the cliff was about 70 + feet high. As I looked down at the ground below which was covered in brown leaves I felt a strong urge to jump. I did not jump but continued to walk with the girl through the woods.


Good morning, Bud.

It sounds as if the urge to leap is related to an desire to escape a waking situation, possibly involving someone else. You resist the urge to jump (flee the situation). I would look for a relationship that you may be considering ending, maybe because of a wish to "be free." It's possible that you have a deeper level of commitment than you have previously thought.

Pleasant dreams,


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