Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ceramic Sheep

Dear Peregrin,

I was at some type of store with my sister and a friend. It was a very large place, like a ware- house. All over, there were tons of beautiful glass bottles, ceramics, and other items of decor- ation. At first I wanted to buy a perfume bottle, although I suspected it was very expensive. I found out they weren't,but things started changing, and now there were lots of ceramic animals replacing the glass stuff. I saw the cutest little sheep that was depicted as knitting with yarn. I wanted to buy that, so I went to get the grey-haired man who was selling them. He was talking to my sister, but finally he came, and I went to point out the sheep I wanted. But it was gone! Someone had bought it while I was away!

So I looked for another sheep or something that I could buy. But they were all large and more average-looking. I told the man that I liked detailed things. After awhile of looking at things, they all seemed to get less and less detailed, until I could hardly recognize them as sheep. Well, I finally concentrated hard on getting a good one, and in the end I did get a nice one, though not like the first one I wanted.


Good morning, Ariel.

The shop with its choice of merchandise reminds me of the flowing nature of time as it applies to our lives. You have many choices, which change as time goes by. It's likely that you can find the perfect (opportunity? relationship?), but you have to seize it while you are able because the same choices won't exist later, and you will then have to settle for something less than optimum. I would look for a situation in my immediate past that seems to fit this pattern. Failing that, I would be on the lookout for opportunities heading my way.

Pleasant dreams,


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