Friday, April 1, 2011

Burl Ives

Dear Peregrin,

First I must say there are very few dreams I can recall,..they just seem to fade away once I awake. But there is one dream I have had several times in my life that I do remember.

I'm hitching a ride on a slow moving train..and hop aboard an open boxcar. As I get into the car I proceed to one end of it and sit down. I look to the other end and there sits Burl Ives with his guitar and he starts to play Jimmy Crack Corn. I have to get out of there quick so I jump off the train and as I hit the ground I wake up.


Good morning, Bruce.

I believe that dreams recur because we aren't getting the message. In this case, you run from Burl and his song, so that you won't have to hear the message. It may be a truth that you don't want to face.

The lyrics to the song may offer some clue: "Jimmy crack corn and I don't master's gone away." Are you afraid of freedom and the responsibility that accompanies it? Does Burl Ives remind you of an authority figure (master)?

Recurring dreams can be changed. Tell yourself that you are going to face Burl, and pay attention to his song. Ask him directly what he is telling you. If you manage to do it in the dream, you will probably get a clearer message. If possible, facing what you fear in a dream is almost always the better option.

Pleasant dreams,


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