Friday, April 22, 2011

Quacking up?


I had a dream two days ago, I don't normaly remember my dreams but this one for some reason I do? Not vividly but it struck me as a bit different than other dreams I have had. From what I remember I am in the air above what I view as a river. There are others with me and they are talking about how this area is really a good area of resources for human survival. Gradually we loose altitude. The sceanery is the water and land on either side with no construction of any type I can remember. as we approach for landing we are heading for the water? the next thing I see is we are coming up on the water where it is as smooth as glass.

(This is where it gets kinda weird) As the water gets nearer I spread my arms and slide onto the water on my chest and have like a ducks view of my suroundings? From here it is like everyone is playing in the water. I am having a conversation with another about how smooth my landing was and was going to do it again. To gain speed I start flapping my arms and start to gain altitude... and my wife wakes me up. (Bummer)

This was a different dream to me because everything was so peacefull, not a care in the world, it seemed so natural?

So is there an inturpretation for this? Or, am I just nuts?


Good morning, Maximous.

You're only nuts if you think that there is only ONE interpretation!
Your dream seems to chronicle an especially good moment in the life of a duck. Possible interpretation: A past-life memory. But, whether this is true or not, there are other possible meanings.

The duck is a very social creature; you seem to identify with that aspect. When I fly in dreams, I am usually alone, but you flew with friends, landed with friends, discussed the experience with friends. Your social life seems to be very important to you; a source of great pleasure.
You are discussing resources and human survival. The setting could represent your job or livelihood, or whatever else you consider necessary for survival.

Your landing is an especially good performance, that you wish to repeat. A triumph at work? Definitely in full view of your friends, whatever it is.

That's my (brief) take on it.

Pleasant dreams,


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