Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Give Up

Hi there.

I had a dream of one of my clients two nights ago. I was trying to get his attention but he was very busy. I took that as I sign that he was not interested. However, an acquaintance came up to me in the dream and said, "Do not give up on him." And I said to him, "You mean as a client?" He said, "No as a love interest." It took me by surprise.

My question to you, "Is this my wishful thinking or is this a message from a spirit guide?"


Good morning, Deb.

The message contained in your dream is indeed to be persistent, and of pleasant surprises to come if you are. You may be misinterpreting signals in waking life, which is why you needed the reminder.

Unfortunately, your question is not one that I'm capable of answering. People often do have dream for no other reason than wish fulfillment, and there's nothing wrong with this. But just as often the message is important and relevant, no matter where it comes from.

What I would do in your position, is look for some situation in waking life in which I were about to give up, and perhaps stick it out a little while longer to see what happens. Keep your eyes and mind open to possibilities.

Pleasant dreams,


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