Monday, August 30, 2010

The Office Key

Dear Peregrin,

I have been having dreams about the same person since June 2002. I am female and married to a Mexicano. We have problems and are seeing someone. He is very nice and trying to do right, but I still feel very unhappy. I am tired. 10 years have been added on to my life. We have two kids and I stay home all day with them. When not at work he is with his mom. I am in my early 20's. I have been told that I have the ability to have premonitions. For example; i may tell my husband please do not drive at night this week. And one day he is driving and almost hits a car or a deer. this has actually happened. At age 15 1/2 I met the most beautiful Mexicano. We talked on and off for two years. He seemed to only want one thing. He was a college boy, and I was in high school. Nothing ever blossomed. Sometimes we would coincidentally see each other around town. Once he made a comment that if it was meant to be our paths would meet again. I have never dreamed of people in my dreams. I don't dream of an aunt, brother, partner, etc. Since June I have been having dreams that include this same person I met at 15. The first dream felt like a premonition when I awoke. I understand that dreams are a way to work out conflict etc. and I have plenty. But, I always have gone with my gut. Also, forgot to mention that he worked with my relative once upon a time. 6 years after leaving home I had the following dream. Key symbol: are keys. I know that keys mean something in dreams. I am passed that. I want to know if my dreams can be premonitions, are they trying to tell me something. Could we be trying to tell each other something. the dream.Meaning can people telepathically send messages to each other dreams.

A woman is sitting behind a long office desk and there are keys on the desk. A relative of mine is laughing at something. Her body language says she is somehat showing off. She is standing in the doorway of the office throwing her hair back. Then she steps in. I am in the dream, but jsut a spirit in the room. then the man I met at 15 enters the room and grabs the key. His face is can not be seen.

The feeling after dream is that he will soon be working with the realtive. He grabbed the key to open an office in the building. Everytime the realtive calls me I want to ask if there is something she needs to tell me.

I have been having premonitions for a long time. Didn't know how to quite define the gut feelings until recently.

Thank you


Good morning, Niki.

Studies have been conducted concerning dream telepathy and premonition. While there has been some success in both fields, nothing has been conclusively proven because of the erratic nature of both - they do not tend to happen "on demand."

If you are learning to associate your gut feelings with premonition, and you feel this way about your dream, then I will not try to convince you otherwise. But you may want to also consider this: what does it mean to you if he will work with the relative in your dream?

I ask because a more standard approach to your dreams offers a slightly different expanation. It sounds as if you are not happy with your marriage. The boy you used to know just might represent your wish to be desired again - maybe by him, or maybe by your husband -- or maybe it doesn't matter. The fact that he and your husband are of the same race lends credibility to the idea that the boy represents your husband.

The dream repeats a past event - the boy used to work with a relative. This reinforces a desire to bring back something that used to be.

He is given a key to an office. The office seems to represent a working relationship - or, to put it another way, a relationship that "works." The key would literally be the key to such a relationship, and the boy in your dream - whatever he represents - posesses that key.

In your case, I would also consider that the key represents freedom. There is a strong feeling of being trapped in your description of your marriage.

This brings us to the relative, and I strongly suspect that she represents you. You saw the scene from a third party perspective because you need to step outside of yourself - look at your situation objectively, if you can.

And that's advice that I would give, as well. I think you're not sure yet whether you are committed to making your marriage work. This is a decision that you must make for yourself - and soon if your dream really is a prophecy. That would mean that you're going to cross paths with this boy again. He's already told you that if this happens, then it was "meant to be." At this point, if such a temptation crosses your path, how will you react? And how would your reaction affect your current relationship with your family?

I wish you good fortune, whatever path you choose. Pleasant dreams.


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