Friday, August 20, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

Hello! After ending 12 years of marriage, I have been dreaming a lot (mostly sexually) about my ex-husband. When I was with him, I probably only had a few dreams of him. He was not a good husband, partying and cheating on me, then telling me our marriage was a lie. I still have some feelings for him. he keeps showing up in my dreams. He was my first and only sexual partner during our marriage so it has been hard to let go.

What do my dreams mean? Do they mean I want him back or is he trying to come back to me?

Thank you for your time.


Good morning, Teresa.

As you yourself have pointed out, it is hard to let go of someone who has been at the center of your life for so long. Your dreams reflect your waking feelings. It does not mean that you want to back, nor does it mean that he is trying to come back.

As you rebuild your life and find happiness, these dreams will become less frequent, but don't be surprised if he occasionally appears even years from now. At this time, your mind has only one example of how a man behaves in a relationship, and this example bears his face. It would be completely normal, for instance, to have anxiety dreams (nightmares) about a new man in your life turning into your ex-husband. If this happens, don't let it scare you; it probably means nothing.

Pleasant dreams,


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