Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainbow Fish

Dear Peregrin,

I'm laying on a slender table in a laboratory. There are lots of workers in green suits with green auras. The air is so cold I can see it, but I feel warm. A man in a white suit with a violet aura comes in and explains to me the procedure that will be done. He shows me a small slender fish...about 5 inches long...that has 7 bands of color that go from violet to red...through the spectrum...from head to tail. It is explained that the rainbow fish is going to be implanted in my arm - three bands of color above the implant line and four bands of color below the implant line. It is unspoken, but understood that the bands will correspond with my chakras. I am content that this procedure will be beneficial and go to sleep.

Zen Dreamer

Good morning, Zen.

This dream speaks of healing. It seems as if you are concentrating your chakric energy upon your own healing. You are visualizing the process in a very creative way; this dream shows that your subconscious understands what is required and is carrying on the process. The colors of the people in this dream suggest correspondence with the chakra theme: Green is for balance and growth, yellow for replenishing life energy, and violet for higher understanding.

Pleasant dreams,


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