Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

My boyfriend and I are recently in a long distant relationship. My boyfriend use to call me everyday but recently he has stopped calling me at all. I'm really am confused on what is going on... Everytime I call his house his parents or brother tells me he's not home...he's out. This has started about a week ago. I have been so depressed and confused that I have started to have nightmares where I'm trying to find my boyfriend and no matter where I go I cant seem to find him at the end I still cant find him. I had this kind of dream when my boyfriend use to call me so I just ignored it. Last night I had a dream where I was bitten by a bee on my chest the side where my heart is. Maybe that represents that my heart is hurting so much like a sting. I dont know...But I would really appreciate if you can help me figure out what my dreams are telling me. I can't find my boyfriend and bee bite.

Thank you so much


Good morning, Kathy.

I suspect that there's nothing very mysterious about these dreams. Your anxieties are very close to the surface, and rightly so if your boyfriend hasn't called you in an abnormally long time. You seem to fear losing him, and getting "stung" in the relationship.

Long-distance relationships need a lot of communication to thrive, and you're not getting it right now. You need some reassurance. I'd suggest you take the initiative and contact him, however you can. It may turn out that he's just plain busy, but you need to hear that from him.

Good luck, and pleasant dreams,


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