Monday, August 9, 2010

The Comet

Dear Peregrin,

It was an end of the world type dream. A comet was obliterating the earth. It was very vivid. I could see geographical features of the comet as it was approaching. I was in my aunt's house with my mother, my grandmother, and my boyfriend's daughter. As the comet hit, I could feel myself dying. It was like waves of black nothingness washing over me. I could hear people next to me screaming, but the blackness kept me from moving towards them. I woke up terrified. I usually wake up just before I die in those kind of dreams.


Good morning, Dookie.

I think that the comet represents a life-changing event on your horizon, one that you cannot avoid. Life is a complicated process. In a way, our world is "ending" all the time. One time your entire world caves in on you, then the next you somehow recover. It may not necessarily be a bad change, but any major change does indeed "end the world as we know it." You are concerned that it will keep you away from those that you love.

Pleasant dreams,


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