Monday, August 23, 2010

Wheat Field Rave

Dear Peregrin,

The other night i had a dream that my dad and sister dropped me off at this sort of rave thing at a weat field... every one there was smoking something...(a regular cig... i'm not sure?) but they were smoking...

Any way... so then theres this gust of wind or something happened and every one was buried in the weat... i got up and started walking towards some people and this huge skull is eating through the weat and it says something to me but i can't figure it out... then i ask some random person if i can use their cell phone... and i call my house & my sister picks up (or at least it sounded like my sister it could of been my mom cause they sound alike)

so then i see my sister come out from being buried in the weat... and i don't remember much after that...

Can you please help me determine what my subconcious was pointing out...



Good morning, Ella.

Your dad and sister dropping you off sounds like an affirmation of independence. You feel that they do, or should, trust you to handle things on your own. Yet you still are able (or want to be able) to depend upon your family in time of trouble - that's who you called when the skull showed up.

I would guess that your sister is older than you, perhaps she took on some parenting duties. My son is ten years older than my daughter, and he often acts as a secondary father figure.
I don't know how to interpret the rave, other than as a party, because I don't have any first-hand experience with raves. What do you think this symbol means to you?

The drug use (cigarettes) by everyone there seems to be a peer pressure symbol. Were you smoking in the dream, too? If not, then this sets you apart from your peers.

The wheat field is often a symbol of fertility. The skull would be the antithesis of that, most often a symbol of death. The skull eating the wheat seems to point toward a destruction of fertility. whether that's physical, creative, or spiritual.

Your sister being buried in the wheat might reinforce the idea of sister as secondary mother.
If these translations are on-track, the dream seems to be an affirmation of you becoming your own person. You evaluate whether your sister is a peer or a parent, and she seems to emerge as a peer, although one who is willing to help.

I hope that this has been some help to you. Pleasant dreams.


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