Monday, August 16, 2010



Can you help me interpret this dream? Thanks so much!

It starts off when I am in this desert-like, empty land (almost like one you'd be exhiled to) and I meet up with this guy I really like behind a big boulder. We walk around a bit then find this car. We drive around for hours just trying to find civilization, but we never find any. So Nick (the guy) reclines the back seat and says we can sleep here. I go back there willingly and lay down next to him and everything feels good. Then there's a knock on the door, we look and it's one of Nick's friends, a guy who I used to like and I am not sure if i still do [he always makes me laugh] then he comes in and I lay down in between them. What does this mean?

thanks again


Good morning, Ashley.

I get the impression from this dream that you're feeling as if your relationship with Nick isn't going anywhere, even though it feels good to be with him. You would like a serious relationship, but feel that you're between boyfriends. There's a desire be loved, but indecision about whom to be with.

You might want to take a step back from yourself and try to objectively examine what kind of relationship you want, and then what kind of relationship each guy offers. It's quite possible that you haven't yet met Mr. Right.

Pleasant dreams,


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