Friday, August 13, 2010

Lingering Thoughts

Dear Peregrin,

Before I say my dream the guy in my dream (Morry) was the only boyfriend I've had real feelings for. We went out two years ago for about a year and ever since we broke up things have gone downhill for us both. It was a normal school day. I was walking through the halls and going out for lunch with my friends. You know, just a normal school day. But it seemed everywhere I went I saw Morry. We would just stare at each other with empty eyes as we past each other and every time I saw him I sorta froze inside. The next thing I knew I was line dancing in the gym and was having so much fun. Until I turned my head towards the door and saw Morry walking straight towards me. I thought for sure he was going to go beside his friend who was behind me but no, he stood beside me and I noticed he was closer to me than everyone else was to each other. And again he looked over at me but this time he didn't walk away. I felt scared and confused. HELP ME!


Good morning, Crystal.

It sounds to me as if you do not want the relationship to end, but you want him to make the first move. Unfortunately, someone must. This can be very difficult for anyone, but especially for younger people because their social group is inescapable.
Examine your feelings for Morry, and take a hard look at how he behaves toward you in waking life. If you honestly think there's a shot, then put your cards on the table. Otherwise, these dreams should end as your feelings for him fade.

Pleasant dreams,


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