Friday, August 27, 2010

Costume Party

Dear Peregrin,

A few nights ago I had a Dream about me, It started as me trying to get out of this hotel and there was this guy who didnt want me to leave and was trying to keep me there so I had to sneek out and after I did that I came back in in costume with a bunch of my friends for a contest and we walked into stalls to switch costumes with each other and the contest had started and a bunch of kids came walking by, then they anounced the winner, who happened to be two twins they caleed Febuary, they were standing on an old rickity stage, they looked dead, and they had a little guy with them, he looked like and elf sorta, and he was naked, and i tured to look at my friend and i looked back and he had pooped out magots and was lying on his side, his back toward me, his back was open hels together with staples and the magots were crawling back into him and he was screaming out in pain, and then I woke up. Another thing is that i always wake up from dreams like these at 3 in the morning, I dont know if that is anything or not, but still. I want to know what this means, if anything.


Good morning, Erin.

You have a lot of elements in this dream that don't resonate with anything in my experience. If it's possible, I'd like to know what's been going on in your waking life lately - especially anything unusual. Here's what does occur to me as I read your account:

You want out of the hotel when someone else wants you to stay, yet you willingly return with friends for fun. This speaks to me as an avoidance of obligations.

You switch costumes with your friends. Possibly some deception is involved.

The winner of the contest intrigues me, because it sounds like a time. The twins are called "February" - February is the second month. They look dead - so February has passed. They have a dwarf with them - could this be mid-March? The event is painful: The rejection of something repulsive which nonetheless returns to torment.

The 3am time may or may not have any significance. If you observe a regular bedtime, your sleep cycles will also be very regular, so you are probably always dreaming at about 3am. The fact that the dream awakens you is more significant. You only remember dreams if you wake during the R. E. M. (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep. So, if a dream awakens you in the middle of the night, chances are that your subconscious very much wants you to remember the dream - meaning that it's an important message.

To summarize - and remember that this could be wrong - I suspect that you fear the consequences of some irresponsible and/or deceptive action. The action, or the unpleasant result, takes place in the middle of March.

IF this sounds correct to you, I'd advise avoiding the action if possible, or else ending the deception surrounding it.

Pleasant dreams,


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