Friday, August 6, 2010

Scary Hallway

Dear Peregrin,

I've had this dream every Halloween. Each year, there's more to it. I'm running down a school hallway. I don't know what I'm running from but I'm scared to death. As I said, each year I get farther!!(down the hall) I'm afraid of what's at the end of the hall and of what's chasing me.


Good morning, Elmo.

The school hallway seems to represent your life so far -- your childhood. Indeed, each year you do get further down this path, as your childhood ends and your adulthood approaches. Both are scary, because you can't stay where you are yet you fear the unknown -- as we all do.

The repetitive nature of this dream deserves some attention from you. Normally dreams repeat because we're not getting the message. It may be time to make some decisions about your future, rather than blindly running toward it. There are doorways in every hallway -- the end is not as inevitable as it may seem.

Pleasant dreams,


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