Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

How can I communicate with someone through my dreams? I have dreamt about this person many times. I want to send messages to him and I wonder if he ever tries to send messages to me.


Good morning, Joan.

I know that some experiments have been done with dream telepathy, with very mixed results, but most of these seem to be aimed toward learning whether it really happens. I know of no tried-and-true method of learning to truly "dreamwalk."

Montague Ullman has published several books on dreaming that may be helpful, including this one which compiles the results of most of these studies: Dream Telepathy . I have not read this book yet.

If you have patience enough to try, self-hypnosis may be your best bet. A fairly standard method of self-hynosis can be found here: Self-hypnosis

You would want to perform this procedure daily, as you drop off to sleep, and don't get discouraged easily.

The Association for the Study of Dreams hosts an annual contest on this very subject. If you have any success, you may want to consider entering. ASD

If you don't mind me saying so, it sounds as if you like this guy, and want to know if he thinks about you at all. Dreams can be great ways of getting a message from your own subconscious. However, to get a message to someone else I'd recommend more direct methods of communication. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Pleasant dreams,


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