Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Sanctuary

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt:

I was walking along a road in a built up area. I was going somewhere with some friends, one from work.

I had this feeling something terrible was about to happen. I told my friend and she said she had the same feeling.

We increased our walking speed to get to where we were going, which turned out to be a church.

I am not religous.

Another person that was there opened the door and we got in quickly.

Just as she closed the door a large lion dived at the door, it's front leg came through the side of the door and it's paw caught my hand, I did not bleed but I felt the sharpness of its claw.

Also its roar was extremely loud, it's presence was felt.

The door was stopping the lion getting in but I felt it might not hold. I was through another door and I felt this might not hold if the lion got throught he first door.

I knew this was a dream but was so terrified I woke myself up.

What does it all mean.

I rarely get dreams that are as powerful as this which induce strong feelings like this.

Thank you


Good morning, Andy.

It does not surprise me to learn that you are not religious. The church in your dream offers sanctuary, but cannot provide true protection from the lion.

The presence of the lion is somewhat interesting. A lion often has spiritual meaning - the presence of a strong religious figure, such as Christ. In this case, however, I think it represents a real physical threat, because you felt its presence so strongly and reacted to it with fear.
(I cannot help but think of the current scandals surrounding the Catholic church, and its inability to protect parishioners from its own priests - a real-life example of the kind of irony your dream symbols pose.)

Also intersting is that the church was your original destination all along. You may have had reason recently to question your own stance on religion or spirituality.

But it's also possible that the church is only a symbol for something else. The overall feeling of this dream is of danger on your current path. You may feel that you can outdistance the danger, but your dream is showing you that your current goals will offer no protection. This can apply to relationships (something to consider since friends are involved) or your current job (since one of these friends is a co-worker).

So I'd want to think about what currently threatens you in waking life. If you perceive a threat in any part of your life, try changing your direction rather than just working harder on the current course.

Pleasant dreams,


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