Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missed Connections

I have been having the same dream for the past year. I will give you a brief background first.

I met a guy in college but we never seemed to get the timing right. I met another guy and he became my BF for four years but the guy and I still remained friends. Right before graduation I started to dream about this guy almost every night and the dreams lasted about a year or so. The dreams were ruining my relationship with my BF because I started acting funny (that along with his other issues). Finally I told my BF about the dreams and then they just stopped. I was glad because I thought there was no point in dreaming about someone I would never see again. Or so I thought.

My BF and I are now split up but most of the time we are good friends even though he harasses me for more, which I do not want right now. Out of the blue the guy who I have been dreaming about contacts me, we set up a date but it never comes about.

So I have been having a dream once a week (they started before he even popped back up but are happening more often now) that this guy and I are planning a getaway or rendezvous and we still can never get it right. In the first few dreams my X-BF tries to kill us every time he finds out. In every dream I am sneaking because I don't want him to know. I don't know why since I am not cheating in these dreams since we are not together. In the dreams I never feel bad about what I am doing. In the dream I had last night the guy and I were suppose to meet again and EVERYTHING you could think of was in our way, people, objects, situations. In one part he was at the top of the stairs and the stairs was blocked. It is not like I think that this guy and I even have a chance. He travels a lot and I have a hectic work schedule, there are also other things that would keep us from working out. I wished that one of our plans would have come through but oh well that is life. I have come to realize that if a person is really interested they will make an effort. If they don't make one I take me hint from there. SO what I am trying to figure out is what is the dream telling me that I don't already know. Oh in the dream I also screamed something about making everyone else happy before myself. Where that came from I don't know.

Hope I didn't confuse you

Thanks a lot


Good morning, Shirell.

From what you have told me about the guy you're dreaming about, it sounds like he represents missed opportunities, and missed connections, because that seems to be all you've ever had with him.

A person would have dreams like this while in a relationship with someone else if the relationship were going through a difficult time - in other words, it isn't a cause, but rather a symptom. My guess would be, when you told your boyfriend about the dreams, he became a bit more attentive to your needs, thus removing the cause for the dreams.

The timing of his re-appearance in your life seems to give the impression that your dreams told the future. I can't say one way or another if this is true because I don't claim any psychic expertise. However, since he came back into your life, again all you're getting is missed connections, and your dreams reflect this.

You're becoming very frustrated because you do want a successful relationship, and so far the men in your life are not helping you achieve this. While people can change, so far your dreaming mind sees no evidence that the guy you're dreaming about will do so. So it seems that you end up doing all the work - "making everyone else happy first." And it isn't working.

True, you did already know this, but at times the mind doesn't communicate well with itself. If you continue to behave as if you want to be with someone when you know they're not good for you, the subconscious will continue to try to set you right.

Pleasant dreams,


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