Monday, April 9, 2012

Bus Ride

I went in the city with my best friend Taz and this other guy I don't know & his girlfriend came with us. We were in the shopping mall and another lad I don't know came over & started to annoy us all, so I pushed him 2 the floor and stamped on his head with my timberland boots, I know it sounds horrible but that it what I did. When I looked over my ex Jake (who I still have feelings for) was sitting with a bunch of his friends. As I walked past he looked at me. We all got the bus home & I saw Jake was on there. I sat next to him, as it was the only seat left. & after a while of sitting there & chatting he put his hand on my right knee & started to rub it. And as I still have feelings for him I out my hand on top of his & he turned his hand over & we held hands all the way home. We were the only ones left when we got off outside my house I said "we better be quick because Keane (my boyfriend) is over in his house across the street" so I told Jake he better let go of my hand. We ran over to my back yard gate & he hugged me & ran as fast as he could up the road, looking back lots of times as he did.

I'd like to know what this means as I still kinda have feelings 4 Jake, thanks


Good morning, Laura.

There's not a lot of new insight I can offer on this one, that you don't already know. Since you do still have feelings for Jake, it's natural that they would merge in your dreams.

Being on the bus with him next to you is close, semantically, to "going with him," something you obviously wouldn't mind doing.

However, you tell him that you have to be quick because Keane is nearby. You have no wish for your feelings for Jake to endanger your relationship with Keane, so you hug him quickly and you part ways.

The message that I see here is, while you can be on friendly terms with Jake, it's really time to let that relationship go. Hug him and say goodbye, or you could without knowing it be putting your relationship with Keane at risk.

Of course, what you end up doing is up to you, but you are aware at the deepest levels that you do have to choose, and it seems that this is the way your thoughts are going.

Pleasant dreams,


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