Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What About Her Boyfriend?

Hi I recently had a dream and it was very very vivid...I even woke up in tears and lots of the dream one of my best friends had died in her sleep. I remember talking to her mother and crying about it, also talking to our other best friend who told me that our other best friend had shortness of breath and got real hot and wanted to lay down and ten minutes later she had died in her sleep. I also remember thinking bout her boyfriend and cried harder. When I woke up I cried even more cause it was soo scary and so real. I was wondering information you can tell me on this dream and what it interprets or what it refers to in my life???

Thank you


Good morning, Courtney.

The anxiety causing dreams like this is a fear of losing your friends - not necessarily to death, but rather the loss of the relationship. In your dream both friends died in their sleep, which could indicate that you think they need to "wake up" to some situation in their lives, or you could potentially lose them as friends.

The only clue I get to what that situation could be is, you cried harder when you thought about the one girl's boyfriend. This may mean that the threat to your friends lies somewhere in their relationship with their boyfriends. Or it could lie closer to home, referring to your own boyfriend if you have one. It's difficult to get specific without knowing what's going on in your waking life.

Pleasant dreams,


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