Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sister's Best Friend

There is this girl named Alexis, who happens to be one of my sister's best friends. We say hello etc, when we see each other, but beyond that, I barely know a thing about her.

But for a little over a few months now, she's always slipping into my thoughts subconsciously at the most random times.

And recently, I've even started to dream about her. In these dreams, I'm sometimes talking to my best friend online, only this friend turns out to be her. We talk about everyday things, and then she turns to me and asks me to kiss her.

In some other dreams, we're already in an established relationship, or working our way up there.

I admit that I used to have a small crush on her, but that has faded away by now. Only these dreams are starting to make me realize that maybe I haven't quite gotten over it.

Anyway, thank you for your help.


Good morning, Shirley.

It's possible that Alexis represents, for you, anyone that you're crushing on. She could also represent lost opportunities. Since she's one of your sister's best friends, and in some dreams she turns out to be your best friend, she could represent a desire to be more like your sister.

But, if your dreams have you contemplating and re-evaluating your feelings, then I'd say that you probably have gotten the message. After all, she didn't just pop up in your dreams. You've been thinking about her for quite some time now.

What you do about your feelings is up to you. You've already taken the most important step: to acknowledge that you have them.

Pleasant dreams,


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