Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Blood or For Wine

I'm having trouble interpreting the last leg of my dream. Could you help me understand this?

I am holding up money that looks fake because it has been printed on white paper. A guy is with me and wants the money but I tell him not to take it because it is important. He takes it anyway. On one of the bills, there was a ticket attached. The ticket had two small vials of red and blue liquid on it. The next scene, we are in Renaissance times (I'm guessing that because of clothing), and the guy that stole my money has changed appearance and clothing but it is still him. Someone else has challenged the thief to a duel, saying that they would fight "for blood or for wine."

Could you tell me what this might mean?



Good morning, Ekua.

You didn't say that the money is fake, only that it looks fake. This sounds like it represents something of value that seems less valuable than it is. This is verified by your resistance to having it taken.

This ticket is kind of puzzling to me. A ticket is a passport, a right of entry. Even more puzzling is the red and blue vials. It's almost as if these are the colors missing from the money, which would imply that the ticket is not currently complete - the item of value is something you don't quite have yet.

I think that the change to Renaissance times is an indicator of past events - prior to the theft. Perhaps this is a message that the theft can be prevented, or maybe it's an explanation for why it happened. The only event here is the duel, and in particular the odd wording of the challenge. To fight for blood or wine is an indication that the duel can be either deadly, or friendly - to fight for blood would mean a more serious duel, to fight for wine would be a more friendly contest, and the choice seems to be up to the thief.

However, we're not given choices in dreams unless they are really our choices. So the conflict in question here - with someone trying to take something of value to you - is only as serious as you, yourself, decide to make it. I think it's likely that what's being taken from you is only an opportunity, and it seems to be one that you can get again. So if it were up to me, I'd fight for wine.

Pleasant dreams,


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