Monday, April 2, 2012

Long Distance Relationship


Last night I dreamed that I am on the beach on the see with my boy friend Daniel and his friend.There are the big waves on the see. We looked at tham and I can remmember if I try to swim on it.I know that I think at a moment that I will wait tham to pass. That friend who was with us at the beach has similar relationship like we have.He is in Montenegro and his girlfriend is on the Sicily and they see each other.Sometimes he goes in Italy or she comes in Montenegro

I have relationship with man who is maritime.He finished that faculty and work on boat. We met in the bus when we treveled to the see on a New years eve.He went to work on boat and he came in August.We spent time first in Belgrade ( in my town where his mother and sister live.After that we went to Kotor ( on the see) where he has some courses and exams to become 3rd officer ( for boat to have better job). We spent there 1 month and I beck to Belgrade to find the job becouse I finished an Architecture.Also I went to him last week and we spent 9 days.I love him very much and I think that he likes me.He has meny problems.His stepfather died and hi maintance his mother and sister.He has financial problems and becouse of that he sometimes is very ill-disposed also he has a guilty conscience becouse he has no money for us to go out.I said to him that isn,t problem.We spent beautiful time at home we talked wached fils and the other things and I think that he enjoy time with me.But when I am at Belgrade I fill that he is very sad and ill-disposed He has friends there but he fills alone meaby becouse of his problems. He wrote first time strange message: he loves me but it is hard for him becouse he fights with hundred other thingswhich are oposit of me! I didn,t understand that and I ask him to explain to me but he didn,t answer. He is so silent. Meaby I only think that is good in his life and the other thing are oposit of me. He will be back in Belgrade on the end of November when he will finish that courses.After that he must find company who will employ him.I fill that I should try to wait for him that year becouse we have high-quality time together.I was born 1971 on 21st oSeptember and he was born on 3rd of September 1976 (he is yanger than I ) I don,t fill difference between years he said he also doesn,t have problem becouse I am older than he is. We taleked abaut that and he said that meaby company will seek for him to stay at boat 1 year .He must to do that job to colect money to get on his feet and he said that I must think abaut everything.I would like to make family with him to get marriage and children with him.I know that distance between us becouse of his job is problem but I will try.

What is the meaning of this dream?

Sorry for a long e-mail.I want to explain situation to you. Also english isn,t my native language and meaby I have mistakes in orthography and grammar.

P.S.Boy before him ceated me and I broke that relationship.I have problem becouse I have no trust in people especialy in men.I always have fear of that.I start relationship with Daniel after 3 years pause becouse of that relationship before

Thanking in advance


Good morning, Jelena.

Sometimes dream translation is difficult when I try to interpret dreams from another culture or language. But yours is very straightforward, especially when taken along with your other information.

This dream deals with your emotions. The sea with such large waves indicate a high passion. You would like to swim in that ocean, meaning that you would like to get deeper into your relationship with your boyfriend.

But the size of the waves scares you, so you decide to wait. This is not terribly surprising, considering that you have problems with trust following a bad relationship.

The friend is there to represent someone who is already in a long-distance relationship. This is a context clue. Taken all together, the message is that you would rather wait until after your boyfriend's extended assignment is over before deciding to "get in deeper" with him.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. thank you. You You explain me some things in my life