Monday, April 16, 2012

Cruise Camera

I am single (seperated, not divorced) work hard and like my job, have 2 great kids


I am on a cruise ship, on an upper deck, the waves are huge and the water is rough, the waves come over the boat getting the people below me wet, there is a group of about 5 or 6 people who want me to take a Polaroid picture, I take the picture, then one of my co workers ask for the camera, I give it to her, a nice looking dark haired man walks around the corner, says something to me about his marriage not working, we walk and sit on 2 lounge chairs, there is a connection between us, we hold hands and snuggle close, I tell him people are gonna be mad and not talk to me when they know we are together.


Good morning, SS.

Water nearly always directly represents one's emotions. To be crossing a rough ocean probably means that you are navigating a rough emotional point in your life. You are not in any danger, and on an upper deck of the ship you are managing to get through this time by ruling through your intellect (higher self).

Taking a picture of several people sounds to me like you are wanting to remember several things, or even to get the "big picture." The coworker can represent herself or your own professional life, which can mean that you need the big picture at work, or she does (in your opinon).

The man you meet on the cruise ship is something that you want in your life - not necessarily a love interest, although this is not ruled out -- but someone who understands what you're going through, with whom you can connect on an adult level.

You pass the camera off to a co-worker, which can be seen as a temporary passing off of responsibilities. This can be a strong message that you need a vacation, especially considering that the entire dream takes place on a cruise ship. You may be feeling that you can't relax enough to open up with someone else while you have all these other demands upon your time.

Your waking life does sound terribly draining to me - as a single mother with a career, you essentially work around the clock. If you can take any time off, I'd recommend it.

Pleasant dreams,


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