Friday, April 13, 2012

Panic and Rescue

Hi Peregrin

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me interpret a few dreams
that I have. I will try my best to relate them to you as soon as possible.

There is this man. Let's call him "SC". He is not a friend and he doesn't
know me. He is just somebody I know from afar. I know him is because he is
in the same profession that I am trying to get know what I mean?
The thing is, I do not care for his existence, as in , I do not have
anything against him at's just that I view him the same as I feel
for most people - neutral.
Strange thing is I started to have dreams about him. Which is weird,
considering I never thought of him at all before. I have a total of about
5 dreams of him and I will try my best to relate them.

First dream) I was on a moving bus and I was standing up. All around me,
were people I knew and hated in the past. I was extremely uncomfortable
and I pressed the "stop" button, ready to get off the bus, all the while
wishing I had a friend and the people I love would rescue me right now.
Suddenly, I turned my head and seated at the back of the bus was SC and he
gave me a small smile and patted the empty seat next to him and motioned
me to sit beside him.

I woke up, not paying any attention to it...just surprised that it was SC,
of all people. After a few months...

second dream) I was just walking around on the street when I saw a funeral
taking place and again a lot of people I hated from the past were
surrounding me. I was in a frantic panic because it was a really awful
situation. I think I was half crying and half wishing to myself that the
people that I love will take me away right now and all of a sudden, I saw
SC again. He was walking by himself and I followed him. It was because of
me following him that he led me straight up a hill and all of a sudden, I
felt my both arms being raised up and when I looked up, the man I admire
and respect most in the professional world, was holding my hand up in
victory and his girlfriend was holding my other hand and all around me,
people were cheering for us.

Again, I found it weird that it was SC again but I did not pay any
attention to it at all.

third dream) I was on a moving bus again and it was a emotionally
traumatic experience because I think I dreamt of my dead grandmother
talking to me and I was feeling slightly disturbed about it and all around
me, I think there were demons and monsters. Suddenly, the bus came to a
crash. I got out and knew I escaped without a scratch but immediately I
wondered about the people I love and how their situation is. The first
person I saw was SC and he was walking well, implying that he was all
right and I saw the other people that I love too, walking around without a

4) I was in a darkened room, no idea where I was. It looked like I was in
some sort of a gathering or a party. I looked around and saw the people
that I hoped to work with next time were there. They were all laughing,
having a good time and standing around. I looked up and suddenly, in front
of me, stood SC. I was really surprised. SC was smiling and smiling at me
and all I could see was how blue his eyes were. I kept saying to him/to
myself "Oh my goodness, Your eyes are so blue. Your eyes are so blue". (At
that time, in real life, I didn't even know what his eye colour was
because I had never talked to him before or went to him up close) He just
stood there smiling at me and I remembered feeling touched in the dream
because I was feeling slightly out of place and he was the first one that
came up to me. He went away for a while and a woman (I couldn't see her,
don't know who she is) told me that "SC is such a nice and charming man.
All the girls have crushes on him. Look at Molly." Sure enough, I looked
at this woman named Molly and I saw her looking longingly at SC. SC was
talking to her in a platonic way but still, he turned around to smile at
me and I saw Molly looking from him to me and from me to him again.

fifth dream) I was in the doctor's office and I was holding a baby boy.
(In real life, I am neither pregnant nor married nor do I have any kids).
In my dream, I know this child was mine and all I kept saying to the baby
boy was "You are angel. You are an angel. AN ANGEL. Don't worry, SC will
help. We just tell SC. He will help."

I want to say that after some time had passed, I found out that SC's eyes
were indeed blue. Why did the answer came to me in the dream? Because it's
not as if I cared about his eyes being blue. I am in fact in love with
someone else but I do not understand why SC had been appearing in my
dreams. Is there a message somewhere I should take note of? and why of all
people did it come in the form of SC? Can you help to interpret these
dreams for me? I really hope I am clear in what i am trying to express
here. I have to say again that when I dreamt of SC, it was really
surprising because I had never thought of him before and all my thoughts
were on my career and another man whom I am in love with.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Good morning, Charm.

I think that what you really want to know can be answered by looking at
what you first told me about SC. He's someone who is in a profession that
you want to be in. That's what he represents to you - a dream to work in
that profession. And in every instance, this dream remains intact. This
makes these dreams fall into the category of "wish-fulfillment," true, but
the message is constant throughout - you should pursue this goal of yours.
It means a great deal to you, as evidenced by the fact that you count SC
as one of your loved ones in nearly every dream.

I'll see if I can glean some specifics from each dream:

1. Moving bus, filled with people you don't want to be around. This
seems to me, to represent your current career. You wish for a loved one
to rescue you, and it happens - you look to SC's profession as a way out
of your current one.

2. Contextually very similar to the first one. One additional detail is
the funeral - representing, I think, a "dead-end" job. Your hands are
held up in victory - again, you see a new career as your way out of a bad

3. The bus again, and this time it crashes. Now the job isn't just
dead-end, it's coming to an abrupt halt. You emerge without a scratch, as
does everyone you care about - including your preferred career.

4. Falling for SC, when you know that so many others do the same. In
this case, you sincerely believe that you can succeed in this profession.
Because, even though it's the same dream that so many others have, in this
case SC looked directly at you, smiled dead into your eyes, and basically
gave you encouragement.

5. Babies are new responsibilities, new projects. This dream sounds like
a strong encouragement to enter this profession you desire so much.
Actually, all of them do, but this one is saying it's time.

With all this encouragement coming from your own subconscious, you hardly
need mine, but here it is anyway: Give it a shot, whatever it is. You
may fail, but that would be better then knowing that you never tried.

Pleasant dreams,


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