Friday, April 27, 2012

Lip Ring

I wanted my lip pierced like my friend Jesser's because she told me about it yesterday, so in my dream, I was at the mall, getting ready to get it pierced,. when I couldn't find a cool lip ring like Jesser's. so I went shopping around the mall all day and I couldn't find one. all the sudden, I appear in the middle of the desert, I see Kelly Osbourne, and she gives me her lip ring.


Good morning, Erin.

What you're wanting to do is gain popularity - to be cool - by imitating those whom you see as having it. However, in your deepest self you know that this won't work - you are searching for your own sense of style. You want to be a trend-setter (this is the significance of Kelly Osbourne in your dream), rather than a follower - and this is just fine. I've always believed that people should be very sure of what they want before making permanent (and painful) decisions.

Good luck with it, and let me know how it goes.

Pleasant dreams,


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