Friday, February 11, 2011

Divine Embrace

Dear Peregrin,

Once, I dreamed that I made contact with a very high being. There was not much detail to the dream except I met a being that was scarcely of human form, but we communicated without speaking and "she" knew all about me and forgave and loved. All this information was exchanged with an embrace which sent me to spiritual bliss. When I awoke I felt that I had made contact with an immortal being and that it was more than just a dream-- something real had happened, perhaps on another plane.


Good morning, Olwen.

This kind of acceptance is very important to us humans. Sometimes we feel so much guilt that we need a higher power to absolve us of it. The Goddess archetype represents all that is good and wonderful in woman (we often associate this archetype with vague infant memories of Mother). If such a being can forgive and love you, then you must not be so bad after all -- and, more importantly, you can accept yourself.

Did it really happen? Well, strictly speaking, all human experience is entirely subjective. I have read of many beliefs that dreams are real, on some plane. No one can prove or disprove this. Personally, I take the stance that if you think it was real, then that's good enough for me. After all, it was *your* experience. But, the outcome is the same whether it was "real" or not. You have forgiveness and acceptance from your "higher power."

Pleasant dreams,


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