Friday, February 18, 2011

Airplane Crashes

Dear Peregrin,

Hard to describe, I dream of airports, One instance I dreamed of an old single seat plane that I watched crash in front of me and the body plop out dead.

Another instance I dreamed I was in a commercial plane that seemed to have descended rapidly I remember seeing tips of trees then all of a sudden the plane made a sharp bank and landed in a field that seemed to come from nowhere. Later I realized that we had run out of fuel not knowing until we landed.

Another instance was a military type airport where I would watch planes take off of a very shot runway, Well I watched one fighter plane crash into a bank at the end of this short runway not having enough power for lift.

Other dreams I remember pieces mainly Senses, Like the other night I remember being at a airport, I remember a sense of anxiety of having to get on a plane.

I have not been in a plane that crashed only witnessed it. In real life I have traveled on airplane. It's not so bad the problem with these dreams is making me nervous to fly though.


Good morning, Plane.

The crashing planes could represent plans that go wrong -- they never "get off the ground," so to speak (the fighter plane), or don't get finished (run out of fuel), or just plain go wrong (the single-seater crash).

It's very natural to feel some apprehension, especially after witnessing a plane crash. It's also natural to feel the same way over the future in general, but if you allow fear to rule your life then you will end up with nothing but regrets. Make the best plans that you can, and then go ahead with them.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. Hellow I guess that i am a Dream Walker too my mothers maiden name is Walker, i dreamed 3 times about an air plane crashing, within 3 months apart the planes were large commercial or passenger i"m not on them and do not have any family or friends on them.They also crash in the same area and i always watch from the ground, on the home place where i was raised in Oklahoma.I read a letter that is on your site about air plane crashes 4/26/03,at the end of the letter you describe the reason.Plans that never get off the ground or they never finish or go wrong,this answer that you gave really relates to me.I have been a Oklahoma oil producer for nearly 20 years an i own several partnerd production leases,one i own alone very shallow nearly dried up oil wells that were not drilled deeper.It has been my plan for about 3-4 years now too drill deeper for more better production,i plan to startin 2005 since prices for crude are better.The crashes i have in the dream are to the west of where i am seeing them, my oil field is also west,i never know the location or who was on board all i see is fire and smoke!Does this mean that my project will never get off the ground or is it just plain wrong like your letter reads.THANK YOU! GOD BLESS

  2. Good morning, Herman.
    I never know when to decide if a dream is prophetic, so I tend to take the stance that none of them are. Some of my respondents are convinced that they can tell the future. I can't, so I refrain from commenting upon it one way or another.
    In this light, the three crashes would refer to what has already happened. You have plans, and they have crashed. This is not to say that they will continue to do so, nor that they are necessarily a bad idea. It does mean that it's on your mind, and the three separate dreams (plus the timing of them) may indicate the number of years you have been meaning to develop this project. Essentially, *so far* your plans have crashed.
    The dream could indicate that the timing is not right. I think it's a good sign that no one you care about is on the plane - it indicates that there's not much personal loss involved, at least not in any way that truly hurts you. This can mean different things to different people, of course. Some can lose thousands and walk away unscathed, while others' world crashes down on their ears if they lose pennies.
    Here's a test that I would propose, if you're up for a little dreamwork. Over the next couple of weeks, give your drilling project some serious analysis. Don't make any moves on it yet, just try to flesh out some of your plans. During that time, pay attention to your dreams. If you have the same dream - the plane crashes - then I'd say that the situation may not be right for you. On the other hand, if the dream changes, then perhaps it is. Either way, you will have done enough work on it to make a logical decision based on the facts, which I generally prefer when they're available.
    Pleasant dreams,