Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

My boyfriend is a marine in Iraq. In my dream i went to his house to visit his mom. But he answered the door and told me that he had been home for a while now and he didn't call me because he didn't want to see me. The scene changed to the bathroom and as he was getting into the shower i asked him "Do you still want to be with me?" and he answered with "No."


Good morning, Swishy.

It is my opinion that this dream represents your fears. One of the chief fears shared by all with loved ones in a war is that they won't come back, either physically or emotionally.

It may interest you to know that those soldiers share this fear with you. Drill Sergeants, in fact, play head games with this fear, inventing a character named "Jody" who steals everyone's girlfriend while he's away. In one of the marching songs,

"Ain't no use in going home,
Jody's got your girl and gone."

Any time we have feelings this strong, we are going to dream about them. Your dream is actually presenting the lesser version of the fear, because you cannot accept the possibility that he won't come back at all.

I seriously doubt, though, that your dream is telling the future. In fact, it is very likely that your boyfriend carries your picture and it helps him find the strength to get through this very trying time.

Pleasant dreams,


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