Friday, February 25, 2011

Evil Husband

Dear Peregrin,

I have noticed on a few sites that you interpret dreams. I myself don't remember my dreams but my wife does and what I would like to know is why she would have negative dreams about me every night? She never has a dream where I do something good or positive, now she is dreaming that I am the devil himself, she has also dreamed that I am a murderer and the list goes on and on.

We have a very happy, loving life and there are no conflicts between us so I am very curious as to why she would constantly dream of me like this.

Thanks so much for your time.


Good morning, Jim.

I suspect that a Freudian would insist that your wife must harbor some deep, hidden resentment toward you and set to work ferreting it out. Fortunately for you and your marriage, this probably isn't really the case.

You must remember that the "you" in her dreams is not actually you. It is a representation. It can represent you, but in the code-language of dreams most images actually represent things other than what they appear to be, things that share some aspect with the image. The part of the mind that makes the dreams doesn't deal well with language, so it tries to get the point across the best way it can with pictures.

In this case, where she is constantly dreaming negative things, the image of you could represent the commitment and responsibilities of the marriage (did she give up a career, for instance?). It could represent her job or boss. It could represent her father, or some other authority figure. It's very hard to tell without knowing what else is going on in her life. Even more important than this one image is, what happens in her dreams, and how does it make her feel?

With what you've told me, about all I can guess is, something that she's very close to, has a commitment to, is detrimental to her well-being in some way. She may want to examine all her relationships. If this guess is on the mark, it shouldn't take long to find one that's bugging her, and I'd lay good odds that it isn't about you. I'd suspect that this one image is disturbing enough that it's taking some of the focus off the rest of the message of the dream. Try to put this aside for a moment and examine some of the other aspects.

Pleasant dreams to you both,


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