Monday, February 28, 2011

Shot In Class

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream in which a guy I know repeatedly shoots me with a shotgun and pistol in a classroom. I fall and blood is everywhere and I cant move but it does not hurt. Then, the weird part comes. I wake up, but I am still in my dream. I am in the classroom and I run out before I die. But then I am outside and it feels like I am in a video game.

thanks for any help


Good morning, Peter.

The classroom setting seems to indicate a public or social situation. The death without pain, and apparently without dying, says to me that your dream is actually about being "shot down" in some other way - perhaps a public humiliation has or will occur. The video game feeling is important here, because it indicates that you'll get another chance - more than one "life" is given on most games. It also tells me that, if you can remove yourself from the immediate situation, you will see that it isn't as serious as it seems.

Pleasant dreams,


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