Monday, February 14, 2011

Flying With Icarus

Dear Peregrin,

When I was very young (adolescent years) I always had dreams that I was flying. The first time I remember dreaming about this was when I was really young. These dreams always seemed to keep with me.. I always remembered them. This dream was with my father holding me up in the air and swinging me around and then he would let me go and I would start flying.

Later on, my dream wouldn't be with him holding me, but I would be in the back yard, and I would jump up or run, and that is how I would fly. I remember feeling that these dreams were very real, even though I knew it couldn't have happened. I always felt very relaxed and light when I dreamt these dreams. IT was like I was at peace during this time. I would always fly around my neighborhood and it was always fun. All throughout my childhood, I always wished I could fly. I wished I could just pick and fly away whenever I wanted to.

I don't have those dreams anymore, although I wish I did, they were always fun, relaxing, and full of imagination.


Jo Mama

Good morning, Jo.

Flying in a dream suggests freedom and power- a benevolent, but emphatic power to literally "rise above" your circumstances. As children, we are acutely aware of how little power we have over our own lives. Grownups are always telling us what we can and cannot do, where we can and cannot go, etc. As adults, we find other ways to feel empowered: career success, the love of a good spouse, the respect of friends and family. If you no longer have dreams of flying, it could be that you no longer feel as free as you did as a child. The responsibilities of life sometimes weigh us down. Maybe you can learn something by noting exactly what it was in those dreams you enjoyed, and why. I suspect your father's help was an important element of your pleasure. No doubt you feel his love very strongly, even today.

Pleasant dreams,


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