Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning To Fly

Dear Peregrin,

I cannot remember the exact details, however, I dreamed that I was flying above a city skyline. I knew this because I saw the tops of buildings and skyscrapers. I was being led by someone who was adapted to flying, as this was my first experience. This person held my hand and talked to me in a soothing manner, I trusted this person, I felt at peace. This person seemed to be teaching and telling me something very important, but I cannot remember what it was. What I do remember is that I understood each word and every direction this person guided me to look at.

When I awoke, I felt lightheaded and at peace; my limbs felt like they had been asleep.

What do you think about this dream?

(related information: I'm excited about taking a week's vacation)



Good morning, Utopian.

Most people would call a dream like this a spiritual experience. Whether your teacher is a spirit guide, an angel, or your own "higher self," the end result is the same: You were being taught how to rise above it all, how to find inner peace.

I find the feeling of peace and rest important in this dream, as it seems to have profoundly affected you. I surmise that your job is very stressful and that you needed the vacation. What this dream seemed to be saying is, you can find this peace at any time, and in fact you need to do so. The stresses of work, and just day-to-day living, are a great burden which constantly weigh us down and eat away at our sanity. Sometimes this happens so gradually that we don't even know that we're stressed until it stops. Before your first day of vacation, when was the last time you awoke feeling rested?

Sometimes a less stressful job is needed, but this isn't always the best route (especially during a precarious economy), and it doesn't strike me that this is the message of your dream. You may want to get a picture of a cityscape that reminds you of the one in your dream, to use as a focus for a brief meditation at least once a day. As you look at the picture, recall how you felt during that flight, breathe deeply, and smile. Remember that whoever guided you that night is still watching over you.

Pleasant dreams,


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