Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello! Peregrin Walker,

The dream that I had last night, was about J- who was a guy that I dated last year. In my dream I had called him and he was given me directions to his new place. Then the dream took me to where we were both laying down in his bed dressed. And he was apologizing to me for hurting me and wanted to get back together. But my response to him.. Why did he do it in the 1st place and woke up.. Could you please explain to me the reason for this dream?



Good morning, Nancy.

I think that your dream was a self-examination of your feelings. On some level, you miss J- (or someone/something that reminds you of him), but your rational side insists that you make certain that you don't get hurt again. You're given directions - meaning that you could find your way back if you wanted to - but first you should make sure that you really want to again place yourself in that situation.

Pleasant dreams,


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