Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost Truck

Dear Peregrin,

I am teaching at a school where I used to work, but the building is more like that of a church I used to attend as a child. I am looking through the halls into the classrooms. I see one of my students from last year sitting at a teacher's desk, smiling. I see a teacher from my old school. She is upset because one of her student's parents is suing the school. They were suing because the child had suffered several broken bones while at school. I went into the classroom of another teacher that I used to work with. I feel like I was looking for my students. I vaguely remember being in my room for a short time. I recall that there were a lot of big windows. I remember two teacher desks. The students seemed larger than my students. When I left the school building and looked back, it really looked like my old church. The parking lot was like the parking lot at my church. I was looking for my white pick up truck (my husband really has one). The parking lot was about half empty, but there were a lot of white trucks. I kept thinking that I saw mine, but as I would get closer, would realize it was not. One truck in particular I thought was mine. When I got right up to it, it was really blue. There were two people in it. They were laughing, but not at me, I don't think. I thought to myself how stupid I was for thinking that a blue truck was mine. I went into the back parking lot. This was unlike any parking lot I am familiar with. I was thinking that my husband picked up my Honda and left me the truck, so he might have parked it out back. I saw the two teachers again, that I had seen earlier. They asked me what I was looking for. I do not remember their responses when I told them. They left. It seemed as if everyone was leaving. I was beginning to feel panicky. I saw a custodian walking around, and remember thinking that my husband would not like it if he gave me a ride home. I was wondering how I could get home. I wanted to call my husband to come and get me. At that point I woke up.

I am aware that I am searching for an answer to a problem in my life. I am trying to find some clues in my dreams. They all seem to indicate poor communication (which is the basis of my problem - I am unable to locate someone that I need to communicate with). Any suggestions as to possible solutions being offered will be greatly appreciated.


Good morning, Nod.

I am tackling this in the context you requested, that there may be a solution to your problem hidden in the dream.

A student is sitting at a teacher's desk. One of your former students may have information on the location of the missing person.

The school building resembles a church from your childhood. Some clues may be hidden in the memory of the early part of the relationship with the missing person.

A blue truck appeared to be white from a distance. This may be a warning to not trust appearances.

You think you are stupid for thinking the blue truck is yours. Did you ever think that the missing person was "yours" in the same sense, and now feel as if you were stupid for thinking so?
Everyone else seems to be leaving, but you're not "going anywhere." This may indicate that travel will be necessary to find your missing person. Also, a strong feeling of abandonment, which probably comes as no surprise to you.

Two teacher's desks in your want to call your husband to pick you up. You may need a partner to make a successful search.

Your husband took your car, but seems to have forgotten to leave his truck. Is he impeding your search? There seems to be some jealousy if you take a ride home with someone else; is he jealous of the missing person?

The parent suing the school over the child's broken bones...your relationship with the missing person seems to have broken up badly; are you feeling guilty over it?

I hope your search ends on a positive note.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. wow.
    I am always amazed at how a "ghost" can come up with such insightful interpretations. You have given me a lot of info to think about.
    Thanks for the "rhetorical questions".
    I have located the person - who happens to be my daughter. I have spoken with her, but as you guessed, things are not too great. I will continue to seek for guidance through prayers and dreams. I know the answers are there.
    Thanks again for your help.

  2. Good morning, Nod
    While I'm glad to be of some help, I saw more questions than answers in your dream, I am sorry to say. It seems to happen that way, most of the time.
    I try to avoid attaching too much importance to myself when offerring a dream translation, which is one reason I use the "ghost" description. Still, compliments like that certainly make it difficult to keep the same hat size.
    It has occurred to me that the color of the truck may have a bearing upon the issue. You mistook a blue truck for your white one. "Blue" could be a description of your daughter's emotional state, which you may not be recognizing as you should. I'll explain. In the dream, you thought you were being stupid for thinking that the blue truck was yours, because your truck was white, and besides, there were people in the truck. What this *could* be saying is, your daughter's emotional state or personality has "changed its colors," there are other people in her life right now, and you could be in denial of this.
    Best of luck to you. There is no "typical" relationship between parents and children. The best advice comes from within.
    Pleasant dreams,