Friday, February 4, 2011

Skeleton Crew

Dear Peregrin,

My girlfriend had this dream that was I guess different from any other dream she's had in a long while. We've been going out for only about two months if that helps here it is.

She was on an island and her her brother (the only person she recognized)were all getting on a ship. The captain told them that the ship might not make it to where they were going and it may sink. But they went anyway , so they were getting on there life jackets and the ship took off. a little while later an engine blew and it began to sink so they were all jumping off they swam back to shore, and rented a small boat. The driver was a skeleton with one eye and blood all over his face. They were at sea for quite awhile she was staring at this little thing that told them how many miles they went, then they stopped at an island to get gas. It was a spooky island and it had a queen the queen got mad so they all wanted to leave quickly. On the little boat again there was a little boy with a walkie talkie trying to call for help. He had a mother with him. then the skeleton driver told the mother that if she didn't leave the boy on the island he wouldn't drive them back. So the mother put the boy in a hospital an injected him with a sickness so he would die. My girlfriend said she was thinking 'geez what a bitch how terrible,' and she watched the mother inject him and she was thinking 'noooooo'. Then they started to leave and they hit something and went flying forward and then she woke up. I hope you can give me some insight.

Thank you.


Good morning, Mike.

From what I have seen in other dreams, ships on the water tend to represent relationships. There are two distinct relationships in this dream. Both fail, but the difference is that the first captain was honest and did his best, while the second demanded a terrible price and still failed to deliver his passengers.

The fact that the brother accompanies her would tend to point toward family relationships. I might guess that her parents are divorced and the mother dating someone that your girlfriend does not trust. Whatever the case, the relationships both affect more than just herself, so I'd look for something in her life which fits this description.

The queen of the island is a hostile authority figure, denying any help to the travellers. The mother who has her son killed represents a sacrifice which your girlfriend is unwilling to make, or perhaps has made but regrets.

The advice that I would give, based upon this dream, is that she should trust her instincts when it comes to relationships. If someone seems untrustworthy, she should avoid that person altogether - dont' get into that relationship. Even when the captain seems fair, though, she should still take precautions - represented by the life jackets. And if a sacrifice seems like too much - don't make it.

Pleasant dreams,


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