Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Love

HI Peregrin

i recently had a very intense dream about my boyfriend.i dreamt that we were making love. i could not believe that it was not real when i woke up. i dont understand how this dream could be so intense when we (he and i ) are having so many problems. i mean i am considering walking away from the realtionship. please tell me what you think

thanks in advance


Good morning, Julian.

I've never yet witnessed any relationship - especially a relatively young relationship - that didn't have problems. But think upon what we desire from our relationships: love.

Paradoxically, this is also the very reason that personal relationships can be so painful and frustrating. If you're having trouble with someone for whom you feel nothing, then that person has no power over your emotions - you can just walk away and feel nothing for it. It's only those that we love who can hurt us.

So, my opinion is that you dreamed of making love, intensely, with your boyfriend because you do still love the guy, and this is what you want from him - love in return. You may feel that you're not getting this in waking life.

This dream doesn't tell us whether it's a good idea to stay with your boyfriend or to end it. That is a much more complex question, and your mind seems more focused upon your immediate desires, at this time. Try thinking more about the long-term questions, and see what dreams your mind produces.

Pleasant dreams,


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