Monday, July 4, 2011

Super Friends

Good morning, Dreamers.

This is another of my own dreams, to give my readers a shot at me. Click on the "comments" link, or send an email, to walk this dream.

I am one of a team of three people who have, together, been in the right place at the right time often enough to help other people, that they decide to do this kind of thing together full-time. We have just finished helping a young married couple put out a fire in their house and (simultaneously) patch up a marital problem. Now we are sitting together in the living room (of the house of the group's one female member), just chatting.

At one point, I say, "Here's a neat trick," and pick up one of several marbles from the floor. After several failed attempts (it keeps rolling off my palm), I manage to levitate the marble for a few seconds. Then I toss it across the room and telekinese it to my hand. When my friends ask how I did that, I tell them, "I'm a Dreamer," and suddenly the dream becomes lucid.

Later, outside, it is a cool night with refreshing winds. Wanting to show off some more, I fly to catch up with the other two, who are suitably amazed.

We discuss how to finance our proposed operation. I tell them that, since I'm a Dreamer and have to go back, I won't be able to help as much as I'd like. I tell the man (who looks like John Lithgow) that I can steal some cash to start financing, but he would have to make sure it was returned. He plans on using the money to pull a scam on some con artists.

At a third location, we are inside what seems to be an underground parking garage. I am talking with the woman of the group, saying that I've never had a lucid dream this clear before (this is not true; after waking I noticed that the time compression was terrible), and that maybe I wouldn't have to ever go back. She tells me that I have no choice.

Then we are in an antique store, where she finds a book that she had lost and needed. I pick up a spiral notebook full of handwritten poems, with the dream-memory that I have seen it before in the posession of a girl I once knew in waking-life. I think to myself that my current (dream) female companion reminds me of this other girl. She seems to hear my thoughts, and says to me, "She was thinking of you when she wrote all those poems." I tell her that this is impossible, since she wrote most of them before we even met.

The phone rang and woke me up. After dealing with the call, I went back to sleep and continued with the same characters. Now the woman seems locked in a cell, watching two men fight with what appears to be lightsabers. I try the door and find it unlocked. Then I rush to help, but can't seem to form a lightsaber with my hands. I end up wrestling the antagonist to the ground with the help of the other two.

What do you think?

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