Monday, July 18, 2011

Highway Plane Crash

I was driving down a very rainy/cloudy 2-lane highway about 30 miles from my home, and all of a sudden a large passenger airplane came out of nowhere, crashing on it's side hitting wires, sparks are present, but no explosion or fire, until full impact.... there is like a sudden silence, and i find myself jumping out of my truck, falling onto the pavement, and running away from the plane disaster because smoke/flames/debris was chasing me in the rain.

You know, in a dream where you find your self standing still trying to run, but you aren't moving anywhere? I have those all the time. Then sirens are everywhere, complete chaos a mayhem. What do you think that all means?

I seem to remember most of my dreams. A lot include buildings/houses/places with a lot of differant rooms with doors... or someone rescuing me.. before sept 11th i also have about 5-6 differant dreams with plane crashes... somehow some seem to almost predict the future in some way.. no kidding. It's creepy.

What do you think?


Good morning, Gino.

I have no direct experience with prophetic dreaming. Some of my clients report having them, but there are no clues within the dream itself that scream out to me, "This is a prediction." So this feeling has to come from within yourself - if you feel that your dream is precognitive then perhaps it is. This requires brutal self-honesty, because it's very easy to have a wish-fulfillment dream and give in to the desire to call it prophecy.

Fortunately, standard interpretation methods seem to work even on this type of dream, possibly because the all come from the same part of the mind.

Your dreams about buildings with lots of rooms contain very common images. Such dreams are nearly always about self-exploration - the house represents the dreamer.

Your plane crash on the highway seems to represent a major event which has a direct impact upon your life. It interrupts your plans by hitting the highway directly in front of you, blocking your way. Your response comes from panic, which is usually a bad reaction. This is emphasized by the fact that you cannot seem to move - a strong message that running away will not help in this situation.

So what is this event? Clues are somewhat sparse. The rain, being water, points toward emotional or spiritual issues. But the plane hitting the highway, a route reserved for automobiles, indicates a crossover - one part of your life interfering with another. For instance, an emergency at work causes a date to be canceled.

The main focus of the dream seems to be to point out to you a need to control your panic reaction. This can be difficult to remember in the midst of chaos, but you will probably be a lot more effective if you can manage to keep a cool head

Pleasant dreams


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