Friday, July 8, 2011

Psychotic Coworker


I had an odd dream last week and I was hoping you could help me find some meaning in it. I walked into a room that appeared to be some sort of waiting room. There was a man in a straight-jacket sitting in one of the chairs. In the dream, I knew that I knew this man from work and that he had been arrested for murder. Looking back at the dream now, he didn't look familiar, but I knew his name to be "Dennis Linde". (I knew the name sounded familiar upon waking, and after checking it out, found that this is the man who wrote the Dixie Chick's "Goodbye Earl." I have no strong connections or anything to this song or to the group). Anyway, the man started telling me how much he hates me and that he will get me when he gets out of jail. He then fell off his chair, and I asked him if he needed help getting back up. As he was laying on the floor, I could see his fingers sticking out from the top of his straight-jacket, but for some reason I didn't think this was unusual. I helped him up, then just as I did, he breaks free from the straight-jacket. He starts to run from the building, then turns to say he'll be back to get me. He runs out and I yell for help. A policewoman comes in and I tell her who got away. She says that he's a murderer and she's not going after him by herself. She goes to find more help.

Then I wake up. I would appreciate any insight you could give me.

Thank you very much!


Good morning, Marissa.

The coworker in your dream may represent a creative but untrustworthy individual. He could be someone you associate with in any walk of life. I think that the name is a reinforcement of the dangerous nature of the individual.

Your offer of help in spite of obvious signs of possible betrayal seem to negate the possiblity that the coworker represents an aspect of yourself, so I believe that the message here is that you should remain aware of such danger - not necessarily physical, mind you. A "killer" in a dream can kill many things, such trust, relationships, careers. I would want to be careful of giving anyone a "hand up," particularly at work, until you can be sure that they mean you no harm.

The vows to come back and get you point toward someone who feels wronged by you.
The actions of the policewoman indicate that appeals to authority will do you no good in this situation.

Any of this could in fact be a reflection of something that has already happened, but it could also just as easily be hints of things to come - not necessarily because of any mystical prophetic abilities, but merely because sometimes our sleeping mind can see relationships that our waking mind overlooks.

Pleasant dreams,


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